About Us

In 2020, we struggled to find the combination of comfort and style when shopping for men’s jeans and found that there were gaps to be filled in the Australian fashion Industry. This is how Mayfair Collection was born. We spent countless hours and months designing and creating the perfect styles and material blends for everyone to look and feel-good in.

When buying jeans, we looked at hundreds of brands and tested numerous of them out our selves over a period of 6 months.  We found that you can grab expensive jeans that don’t fit right on majority of the population. We also found cheaper jeans feel uncomfortable and have a shorty life span after a few washes. All in all, many of these brands either had thick denim material that doesn’t feel right when on or cheap degrade able material. We have found the exact blend that ticks all boxes of comfort, style, feel and fit.

Our Mission: Produce high attention to detail jeans that fit everyone.


Mayfair Jeans